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RUSSIA Insurance Company Corporate insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, etc.

GE Money division of General Electric, offering services of consumer crediting

Medstrakh is a specialized medical insurance company.

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 Consultation 30%
 Diagnostics 22% 
 Therapy 12% 
 Endodontia 10% 
 Surgery 11% 
 Implanting 12% 
 Parodontology 10% 
 Orthopedia 11% 
 Orthodontia 16% 


 Teeth bleaching  12% 
 Teeth decorations 20% 
*  as compared to average prices in Moscow


Why Premier Dent?
The highest qualification of our dentists!
Modern equipment!
Excellent service!
Reasonable prices!
Flawless quality!

 Some our clients

Advisor to General Director, NK Zarubezhneft

A.V. Aseeva,
Chief Specialist, Hydromoststroy

     About Clinic

SUMMARY:Clinic level - Business Class
Specialists - of the highest category
After-treatment warranty - 5 years
Equipment - Class A
Price level - minus 10%, as compared to the market
Payment form - any form is applicable
Discounts - up to 15%, including those for families
Treatment upon insurance and crediting - We do
Working hours - 9 - 21 oclock , 7 days a week
Parking - underground parking is available
Address - 26, Taganskaya str.
Contact us at: +7 495 911 77 52

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Because we LOVE to care of you!

13.03.08 (Lidiya Gorohova): My warmest words of gratitude go to the dentist of this clinic  Galina Bondarevskaya. Id like to thank her for the professionalism she has, her kindness and   care for people. She always strives for the best result.  I recommend all my friends to turn only to her when theres a need for treatment. Thank you ever so much, Galina!

 01.03.08 (Y.M. Voyevodskaya): Id like to tell you how grateful I am to the Premier Dent clinics dentists Anatoly Anatolyevich Doliba and Alexandr Alexandrovich Shitov. Thank you for the high-quality work you have done installing two implants and crowns, as well as for the care I was feeling during the whole treatment course. Thank you! Sincerely, Y.M. Voyevodskaya

26.02.08 (Veronika Timofeeva): My first visit to the clinic impressed me very much! Very nice atmosphere and friendly staff. They gave me a good consultation, explained me everything and I decided to have my teeth bleached. The result exceeded my expectations, since Ive got sensitive teeth and fragile enamel. In all other clinics, I was told that it was impossible, to get my teeth bleached. Here they proved me the contrary! Now smiling makes me even happier! Id like to thank the dentists very, very much! Veronika Timofeeva, a student.

18.11.07 (Polikarpov Family): My husband and I have recently completed the treatment course at the Premier Dent Clinic at Taganka. We are very pleased by the treatment process and the results. Thank you so much for the tolerance, attention, understanding, professionalism we received from our dentist Natalya Nickolaevna Gorelova. I will be pleased to advise my friends to be treated by her. Xenia Viktorovna and Evgeny Petrovich Polikarpovs.

09.11.07 (G.O.Starostin): Id like to express my personal thanks to surgeon Anatoly Anatolyevich Doliba for the excellent work and to wish him the best of success and to have  good luck! G.O.Starostin

30.10.07 (Valentina Vasilyevna, Melbourne, Australia) Thank God that while in Moscow, I visited the Premier Dent Clinic. Wonderful specialists, excellent equipment, careful and attentive approach to patients. In short, - a very nice clinic! And now I can give you a real Hollywood smile. Thank you, dear Michail Sergeevich Deevand Tatyana Alexadrovna Kobzar, thanks are due to all your nice assistants, I wish all of you good health, happiness and success in your work which is highly needed by people. Im very grateful to you for a white-teeth smile. Valentina Vasilyevna Ilkevich.

Other References

The preliminary results of the Beautiful smile competition are summarized

Maria Shirokova, Moscow, Lawyer at Raiffaienbank, has become the winner of the Beautiful smile competition. Maria received a Premier Dent discount card with our maximal discount (15%) for Premier Dent treatment of all her family, as well as a precious award an QUAJET mouth cavity irrigator! Congratulations! More... 

Advanced technologies

Nanosurface implants are implants manufactured by means of innovative nanotechnologies and use of particles the size of which is less than 100 nanometer, i.e., these are structures which are one thousand time less than the average diameter of a human hair. More...

Premier Dent Universal Discount Card

Enables to get benefits when being treated at the Premier Dent Clinic and the Premier Salon Beauty Center

We work every day, from 9 till  21 oclock, without holidays and week-ends. Underground parking is available for you.


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